Know someone who just found out they’re moving???

  • Posted On : Mar 18, 2016


It’s a book for ANYONE you know (including you) who is anticipating or in the midst of a MOVE, or needing to emotionally and spiritually “unpack” and THRIVE in their new digs… Here’s the foreward I wrote that can explain a bit of why I’m such a fan:

For many couples, their major goal in moving is to stay married! For singles, the need is to maintain their sanity – and to find that “special friend” with a truck! Moving isn’t easy, not matter your age or stage in life. As someone who has packed too many haul-it-yourself trucks in his time, I know that moving can rank right up there with wallpapering, root canals, pet-siting a pit bull, and having your six-month-old triplets all start to teethe at the same time. But it isn’t just the physical exhaustion that’s the real challenge in moving. It’s emotionally unpacking that can hurt long after the sore muscles have healed.

The real help you need after the boxes show up at your new place is what this book is so incredible at providing. Here, in this revised and updated edition of what’s become a family classic, you’ll learn hot wo close loops and start anew. How to help your children do more then just mope around, how you can find and be a new friend, and how you can move forward as a person, spouse, and family. Reading Susan’s book is like having a world-class coach show up at your door the day you found out you were really moving. She brings her wisdom and encouragement to take the pain out of having to pack, the smarting out of having to uproot the kids, and the sting out of leaving family and friends. And once you get to your new destination, like a personalized welcome service, Susan Miller will provide biblical advice and clearheaded counsel to guide you through the many adjustments still to come, months after everything is on the shelf.

Believe me, Susan’s been there. She and Bill, her husband moved more then a dozen times in their life-story. She knows the financial, emotional, and spiritual challenges that comes with a change of address – especially an unexpected change. She knows what it’s like to leave parents and best friends, search for a new church, hunt down a seemingly nonexistent reasonable rental home, and find a doctor in a strange city at midnight. More than that, she knows how to grow spiritually during those times of incredible transition, as well as were to find the courage to put down roots all over again. Even if you had to move a few months ago with almost no warning! Or the place you’re going isn’t like anywhere you’ve ever been! In this book is hope and help.

Not only has Susan lived out the principles you’ll learn in this powerful, hands-on resources, but she has also taught them to hundreds of people just like you. Susan’s ministry has been a wonderful success. Her program of helping those who just moved should be a required ministry in every church that’s serious about welcoming and really walking well with newcomers.

It’s an honor for me to recommend this REVISED AND UPDATED book and recommend Susan Miller to you. She is a wonderfully talented author with words of hope for you as you deal with all the trauma and uncertainty that go with transition. This book will not only help you get the boxes packed and unpacked at the new place – it will help open up your heart and your family’s heart to this new place God has planted you.

God’s best to you as you read this outstanding book!

John Trent, Ph.D.
Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family
Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary
President of
Author of The Blessing and LifeMapping