Founded in 1998 as Encouraging Words, StrongFamilies was created by Dr. John Trent to help people succeed at their most valuable relationships.

Almost 20 years later, our purpose stays the same.

For us, we believe that loving others well starts with experiencing the love of Christ.

From there, we are able to learn to love ourselves for who we were created to be.

That understanding gives us the freedom to go love others. And that can change the world.

With award winning books, resources, speakers, and our dedicated team, we are not just here to provide you with a one-size-fits-all to-do list on how to have a great relationship.

This is about personal transaction. It’s about YOUR goals…not us telling you what your goals should be.

We are committed to walking with you, and helping you get where you want to be; with your most important relationships, and helping you live out your unique calling that can change the world.

If there are additional ways that we can provide support, or help you, please feel free to connect with us: . We don’t have all the answers, but our team will work to either get you the information we do have, or connect with you with someone who does.

We are thankful to be a part of your journey.

With Blessing,
John, Tony, Kari, & The StrongFamilies Team

Mission and Vision statement

We create and coach people through an experience* that can lead them towards freedom, strengthen their faith, build a deeper connection with their loved ones, and unleashes them to live a special future where they change their world for good.

*An experience where they Bless a child at home, at a seminar we lead, or through the online platform where they move towards health and life.


So what do we do here at StrongFamilies?

We teach people about the life-changing power of The Blessing…

We coach them how to choose to “get moving” away from past hurts and towards FREEDOM today…

We give and model biblical, relational tools that so many have missed out on that can build strong, caring, committed relationships

And we help people see they have a “choice” and can change – that they really ARE loved by Jesus – and really CAN love others like Him, changing their own and other’s lives in the process.