All Things Golden Retriever

YAY! You Did it!! Before we tell you all the amazing details about your incredible animal personality, we want to make sure you know a few things about your results:
  1. Many of us are a blend of more than one animal. So don’t be surprised if you take it again and get a different result later – or think that another animal sounds like you too!
  2. This is just a very brief version of this test. For MORE details, how to use this with teams, and more accurate core and adapted results we have an amazing ONLINE ASSESSMENT! This Assessment will be launching soon, so stay tuned for details!

Awesome! That’s all you need to know. Now it’s time to find out ALL the amazing things about YOU!

Golden Retriever  Strengths:

  • Loyal
  • Adaptable
  • Nondemanding
  • Sympathetic
  • Even Keel
  • Thoughtful
  • Avoids Conflict
  • Nurturing
  • Enjoys Routine
  • Patient
  • Dislikes Change
  • Tolerant
  • Deep Relationships
  • Good Listener
  • “Let’s Keep things the way they are.”

Why We Love Them:

Okay really, who DOESN’T want to be a super cute Golden Retriever? Like their real life dog counterparts, they are incredible at building genuine connection and relationships with others.

They are the BEST listeners, and if you are having a bad day, it’s a Golden Retriever who is going to show up and encourage you. Seriously. We need more Golden Retrievers! They are consistent, patient, and top the charts with their empathy. They really enjoy routine, and change is not something that enjoy or handle well upfront. They are peacemakers, and often work tirelessly to mend rifts, or keep the peace in their homes or at work – especially when they have tons of Lion’s surrounding them.

Do you have a Golden Retriever child? We do! In fact, Dr. Trent’s youngest daughter Laura (who is off the charts on the Golden Retriever scale) sent herself to timeout for doing something wrong at school one day! Our oldest daughter Kari (who is a Lion/Otter) tried to send us to timeout!

Communication Tips To Share with Others:

These are some great ways to help those you love learn to better communicate with YOU!

Communication Do’s – How to Communicate with Golden Retriever’s:
  • Be genuine, and kind – building the relationship builds trust
  • Ask questions, and allow them to have time to think before responding
  • Stop and ask them for their opinion, or invite them to be a part of the process – especially in an environment where they are getting talked over a lot
Communication Don’ts – How NOT to Communicate with Golden Retriever’s:
  • Yell, or point your finger at them
  • Overload them – they often take on too much because they don’t want to let other down
  • Rush them or demand a quick decision – they need time to process change, and their feelings – it’s important to give them time to process
  • Remember, Lion’s and Otter’s – I’m talking to you! ;), Golden Retrievers are essential to the team because they provide the supportive glue that each of us need.  They are often not trying to ruin your plan, or make you feel selfish – they just need some time to support the changes you are proposing, and are aware of each persons feelings around them which is an awesome thing if we take the time to slow down and listen.

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