LOGB  Strengths Assessment


This is a place where you can discover your God-given strengths, the strengths of those around you, and even blend differences in your most important relationships.

Our NEWSLETTER has tons of FREE resources to help you learn even more about Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers - as well as the other incredible things we are doing at StrongFamilies. 

There are also a few other ways that you can go deeper and learn more - right now!

Get Our Award Winning Books

For Adults: The Two Sides Of Love

The Award-winning book, The Two Sides of Love, has everything you need to go deeper, and fully understand your strengths, and the strengths of those around you.

If you don’t mind waiting, you can pre-order the revised edition here!).

For Kids: The Treasure Tree

Don't let your kids miss out on learning about their unique strengths as well.

This award-winning book even has a personality test for them to take in the back. 

Connect With Us LIVE 

In this incredible LIVE online training, Dr. Trent and Kari Trent Stageberg will:

  • Answer YOUR specific questions related to the animals
  • Go deeper into understanding and living out YOUR strengths
  • Share practicals on how you can blend differences in your relationships
  • And so much more!

This training runs once a month, via Zoom, and is limited to 10 people – so you will have plenty of face time, and your questions will get answered!) Reserve your spot now.

Take Our Online Assessment

The Connect Assessment is an amazing online tool featuring the animals.

You will not only learn more about your strengths but:

  • They will be customized to YOU.
  • It will help you learn more about the unique way that you:
    • process
    • lead
    • and relate to others.

The Connect Assessment will be launching mid-MARCH! So get on the list and become one of the FIRST people to know about this life-changing tool.

And don’t forget to email us with any questions that you may have at kstageberg@strongfamilies.com. We would love to connect with you!