The Treasure Tree

  • Posted On : Mar 18, 2016


Kids will love this creative and fun book in which 4 animals (an otter, beaver, golden retriever & lion) teach personality traits and how to respect and appreciate each individual for who they are.

Meets national education standards.


Helping Kids Understand Their Personality

by John Trent, Ph.D and Gary Smalley
Illustrated by Judy Love

Winner of The ECPA Gold Medallion as the top Christian children’s book of the year, this best-selling book can help you communicate love and “high value” to your child — and help them get along even better with their siblings and friends have different personalities than them!

This creative and fun book — beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist, Judy Love — follows 4 animals (an otter, lion, golden retriever and lion) as they go on an incredible adventure to find the Treasure Tree! (Yes, these are the same four animals – LOGB – that Dr. Trent teaches adults about too!)

The 4 friends learn to value their differences and use their strengths to solve obstacles, riddles, and challenges, as they follow the map to reach the Treasure Tree!

Teach your kids about their unique God-given personality strengths, and how to respect and appreciate differences with others!

This book includes a short personality assessment at the end to help your child identify which “animal” they are and begin to identify and live out their strengths!

Based on the book, The Two Sides of Love by Dr. Trent and Gary Smalley

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