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The Blessing

Based off of the best-selling, award winning book, learn how the 5 Biblical elements of The blessing can change
everything for YOU and your most important relationships.
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There’s no better time to strengthen your marriage. Your marriage is unique to you, and we focus on helping you find the right ways for YOU to communicate, relate, connect, and even heal.
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You are unique. Your kids are unique. This is not a one size fits all seminar, but a way for you to find how to use your unique gifts as a parent, and how to help your children find and live their God-given calling.
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Hope & Healing for Broken Families

Dr. Trent and his oldest daughter Kari Trent Stageberg talk about the journey of brokenness that occurred in their family, and share the powerful way that God healed it. Receive encouragement, learn helpful and practical tools for this painful season, and receive prayer and support. Divorce, estranged children/parents, abuse, etc. are all covered in this personal and interactive seminar.
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LifeMapping: Finding YOUR unique direction

Looking for motivation or clear direction? Feeling stuck or held back? This is the place for you. Walk through the powerful tool created by Dr. John Trent and used by thousands of counselors across the country, and find out how YOUR life map can provide a powerful and actionable plan to overcome obstacles, heal from past hurts, and walk confidently into your unique future.
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Coffee Cup Coaching:

Dr. Wheeler helps you learn what blocks so many people from being able to “bless” and walk well with others – and turn towards hope and health instead.
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Leading From Your Strengths – LOGB Personality

Whether you are a CEO or full-time mom (which lets be honest, can basically feel like the same thing!), understanding our strengths and the strengths of those around us can be the KEY to having great relationships and successful teams/families. Learn how Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers can teach us all we need to know about how to live from our strengths, and help others do the same.
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Hope and Healing for Your Marriage

This seminar provides triage for those of us who feel like our marriage is on the verge of a disaster. Healing from a disaster? Feeling like you are one stop away from one? This seminar, combined with personal counseling and prayer times is a great place to start.
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Hope and Healing

Feel like you are running out of options? Is that one thing from the past STILL not letting you move forward? This seminar, combined with personal counseling and prayer times is a great place to get fresh perspective and breakthrough.
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Healing from Abuse

Kari Trent-Stageberg shares her story, and provides tools and support for those who have encountered or lived with abuse. Perfect for anyone who is currently in, has been through, or is struggling with the cycle of abuse.
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  • Men’s Events
  • Making of a Godly Man
  • Husband
  • Fatherhood
  • Father & Daughter
  • Father & Son
  • Women’s Events
  • Identity in Christ: His Beloved Daughter
  • Waiting for the Right Guy
  • A Wife who Lives Out the Blessing
  • A Mom that Gives the Blessing
  • Grandparenting
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