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Over 2 million people have picked up the Award-winning book called, The Blessing, to help their family.

But it’s way more than just a book. It’s a biblical tool that:

  1. YOU can use to put unconditional love and acceptance right in the center of your loved one’s heart.
  2. Helps you understand Jesus in a new way, which can free YOU to race towards a special future, and God’s best for yourself as well!

So welcome to a place filled with ideas, examples, tools and even a Blessing Challenge to get started in doing something that can change generations. Starting today!


The Blessing is a life-changing gift of unconditional love and acceptance passed down from one generation to the next. Through The Blessing, children (and adults) find out what it means to be highly valued and loved by someone else using five specific actions first laid out in the Bible:

  • Meaningful Touch
  • A Spoken Message
  • Attaching High Value
  • Picturing a Special Future
  • An Active Commitment

By choosing to give these five incredibly simple, yet amazingly powerful “elements” of The Blessing to others, you can enrich or restore parent-child relationships, strengthen marriages, build friendships and provide a deeper understanding of God’s love and blessing in our lives.


The impact of the Blessing is life changing. Take a moment to watch the story of one man who received The Blessing and what it does to his life story.



You’ve seen the impact, and heard how simple it can be. Are you ready to jump all in and give the Blessing to someone you love? If your answer is YES, we’ve made that simple too!


Our goal is to get 1 million people to commit to giving their blessing – and YOU can be one of them.
Still not sure if it’s for you? Listen to what one father had to say:


While it’s important to tell your kids, partner, and loved ones that you “love them” – what they are longing for on a deeper level is evidence of your commitment to them. That is what the Blessing does. It’s personalized, it shows them WHY they are valuable and loved by you, and it gives them evidence of your genuine commitment to them.

By Joining The Blessing Challenge, we will walk you through each step and help you create a personalized blessing for someone you love.

Best of all, for the month of June, it is completely FREE!

Click here if you’re ready to join The Blessing Challenge, and we will send you an email with all the information you need to get started.


The Blessing doesn’t stop once you give it. It is something you can live out every day, reinforcing your genuine commitment of those you love.

Here are several other ways you can go deeper on learning and understanding how to apply the life-changing message of The Blessing:

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  2. Buy the book The Blessing, and see first hand how the Blessing can transform your life, and the lives of those you love
  3. Sign up for our Blessing Course! We will be launching this course soon – so click to learn more and we will keep you updated on all the details, and how you can be a part of this course.

WE WOULD LOVE to open a discussion with you about how the Blessing is impacting YOUR family! Ways we can be of help or answer questions you may have as well.

You can reach us anytime at kstageberg@strongfamilies.com (we typically respond within 24 hours on weekdays, and 48 hours on weekends).

YOU can pass on a legacy of love and acceptance to your children, your partner, your friends, and parents with The Blessing and plant God’s love in the center of someone’s heart and future.