You start where YOU most need to start. Just pick one concept below and GET STARTED in living and giving the Blessing!

Identity – With God’s Blessing, you HAVE someone offering you unconditional acceptance and a special future

*The Blessing – You have God’s Blessing
*LOGB – You have great, God-given strengths
*Reversing the curse – You can be free from the pain and powers that hold you back

Freedom – With the Blessing, You CAN move past pain and powers set against you

*Reversing the Curse – Going Deeper in breaking free
*LifeMapping – Getting a clear picture of a great, God-honoring future
*The Blessing for YOU – First steps towards Jesus, others and 2 Degree Changes

Relationships – With the Blessing, you can BRING the Blessing home to YOUR family, your roommates and your loved ones

*LOGB – Digging deeper into how to value those God has “placed” in your life story
*Bringing the Blessing Home – Using the 5 Elements of the Blessing
*Life Coaching – Having someone coach you towards health and hope
*Tools – The 5 Love Languages and others tools to help you move towards God’s best in your relationships

Mission – With the Blessing, you can ROCK your world and live out your CALLING to be a Blessing to others

*The Blessing Challenge – Your family Changing the Life of a Child
*LOGB – Helping others discover their unique strengths
*Coffee Cup Coaching – Insights on walking well with others who need freedom, life and Blessing
*Life Coaching – Having someone coach you towards bringing the Blessing into your workplace and world